What You Need To Know About Fiber Optic Cables

What You Need To Know About Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are used for data transfer, internet connection and illumination. They have been in use for a long time in the fiber optic communication industry. The cables are very flexible and are immune to interference caused by electromagnetic waves. Very few people know about them. Some fiber cables are specially designed for other applications such as fiber laser and fiber optic sensors. This article is going to highlight a few things you need to know about fiber optic cables.

They have a long history

The cable has been around since 1870’s. Most people did not hear about them until in the early 1990’s. With technological advancements, these cables have been improving and growing every day. Their design and improvement are still growing.

They are environmental friendlyaxad

With increased concern about environmental pollution, companies have been coming up with better designs and products which are harmless to the environment. Fiber optic cables are one of such environmentally friendly  products. Environmentally friendly products are also referred to as green products, and they have little or no carbon emissions.

Very little amount of energy is required when transferring data from one place to another via optic cables. This, in turn, reduces the levels of carbon dioxide emission thus protecting the environment.

They transfer data very fast

The fiber optic cables are very effective, faster and efficient in transferring data as compared to the traditional methods. They have an increased capacity. They can transfer up to sixteen terabits of data in a fraction of a minute over a distance of 7000km. Their fast and high capacities give a great experience to the user.

The fiber cable uses light

asssMost data cables require power when transferring data which is not the case with optic fibers. These units use very minimal light, and no heat is produced. This means that the cables are very safe and do not pose any hazard which would be caused by overheating. This makes it safe even for office and home installation.

Have different uses

To many people, fiber optic is only used for transferring computer data. However, they are used in many various fields such as imaging optics, signs, spectroscopy, artificial Christmas trees and gun sights.

Weather resistant

The fiber optic components are not affected by changes in cold, temperature and other hostile weather since they do not use electricity.

To enjoy the wonderful experience of the fiber optic cables, ensure that you buy your cables from an approved dealer. Proper installation must also be done for better functionality.